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Don’t count them out !

Although just 2 weeks ago the Canadiens appeared mathematically out of the playoff hunt with a 1-8 record, they have had back-to-back upset wins giving them a pulse of a lifeline for the playoffs with just 3 games left. If the Canadiens win all 3 games and the Blackhawks lose all 3 games, then there will be a tie for 4th place and in that case, head to head wins would be a tie breaker and the Habs would steal the 4th place playoff spot. Stay tuned for an exciting finish.

The Red Wings edged out the Maple Leafs by one goal as John DeVincentis #24 tucked in a goal notching his 6th point of the season to help push the Wings to victory.

The Bruins and the Rangers had a back and forth battle of a game with the Rangers scoring only one goal, but one goal was all it took to earn a win over the Bruins.

Get to the rink early this Sunday, as the CHL will have its first Easter Egg Hunt for our Sunday night games. Ken Twigg of the Blackhawks said he will get to the rink early and hide cans of Bud Light all around rink 2 for everyone to find. Make sure George doesn’t find them first as he will dump them out – all for the nickel.

See you at the rink,
Drew FitzGerald
CHL President

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CHL Super-fans!


On Sunday, CHL League President Drew FitzGerald recognized long-time CHL and SCHL fans Jack and Donna Fay with an official CHL blanket!


Jack and Donna took a picture with their favorite team (currently the Bruins, but they have previously cheered for the Blackhawks and the Canadiens).


Jack and Donna with one of their favorite CHL players, Mike Martin.

The Fay’s were greatly honored by the recognition and appreciative of the blanket!



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March 1, 2016

“Beware the Ides of March” whispered a soothsayer.

“Et tu Brute”…..and the rest is history.

With the month of March holding 4 pivotal games for each team, this month will most likely determine the fate with one or two teams’ chances of a playoff spot falling to demise like Caesar.

As we have reached the half-way point of the season we have a 6 team race for 4 playoff spots. The Leafs and the Bruins each picked up 1 point as the 3 vs 3 overtime and sudden death shootout ended in a stalemate. The goalies, John Judkins for the Leafs and Jim Stone for the Bruins proved to be impossible to get a puck past, as each of them came up with several big saves in the exciting overtime match.
‘A Family Affair” – Part 3
If you have seen someone on the Canadiens streaking up center ice looking for the long breakout pass, it’s most likely Tom Powers, receiving a breakaway outlet pass from his brother Jay Powers.

The Powers brothers Tom and Jay have been connecting on passes to send Tom in on breakaways (possibly the most in the league) for a few seasons now. Hopefully they will help the Canadiens muster up a few wins to stay alive in the hunt for a playoff spot.

See you at the rink,
Drew FitzGerald
CHL President & apparently Monday morning blog writer.

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